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Confirmation - Lesson Plan

Confirmation – fun lessons

© Catechist – Guide on the side NOT the sage on the stage.
© For sessions to be lively and instructive – then prep
© Be flexible
© One method never to become routine. – use own gifts and talents
© Learning takes place when three needs are met: physical (comfortable environment); intellectual (challenging subject matter); emotional and spiritual needs (opportunity to integrate and respond to what has been said).
© Involve parents. See programme as exciting . Make their teens eager to learn and willing to attend.
© Confirmation è God offers life and grace. We accept it.
© Teens find it easier to write than talk – May want to keep journals of work covered.

© Form an organization: work in groups of 4-6.
Use the following key ideas:
o Name
o Members – who may join?
o Purpose – what does your group hope to accomplish
o Motto – Write your group’s purpose in the form of a motto members can easily remember.
o Logo – Design some artwork that will represent the purpose and work of your organization.
o Theme song – choose one you know already and change words or make up rap etc.
o Leadership – how many? Who selects? Jobs?
o Time- when will meet
o Members responsibilities.
After hearing presentations – people may join anyone they want to.
o One may have received majority of votes. Why?
o What do you consider important before joining an org.?
o What could you offer the org. and what could it offer you?
Relate organization to CHURCH
© Friendship Web: All sit in circle With ball of wool in hand one person tells of good points of someone opposite to them and then throws the wool ball to them. They do the same to someone else. No one may pass to someone next to them. Each person holds their part of the wool and may not let go. Once everyone has a part of wool explain how web of friendship and belonging is important, we all need each other. A few let go. See how web becomes weak and may break.
© Wear masks to class – guess who – may not be sure.
o Why do we wear masks?
o Have we ever worn a mask with God? Why?
Updated parables: Write an updated version of parable from Luke 18:9-14☻
© Plant seeds at start of confirmation programme. Each new leaf/ flower symbolic of something new in their lives – exciting new hope. What does each new shoot symbolize in your life? Ask a friend what you could do to strengthen these shoots of new life and growth. ☻
© Time line: Past significant events. specials trips, difficulties, failures and successes. Include future dreams – career, family, university

© Cut out lots of advertisements: how do advertsè
1. Influence you to want more than you need?
2. Influence you to buy things that waste energy or resources.
3. Influence you to accept people only on certain conditions.
How do Gospel values differ from advertisers values?
© Read magazine articles and watch T.V. programmes e.g. YOU. Judge and criticize values and morals portrayed, commandments broken/adhered to.
© Hanging Hexagons: depicting who they are – values expressed. Compose their own mission statement ☻
© Interviews with a variety of people – what values they live by; rules for life – report back.

© Symbol of fire and wind: Two small papers with a picture of fire and wind on each. First three words that you associate with each.
© Wind and fire can be both helpful and harmful. Why used as symbols of the activity of the Holy Spirit?èMark 1:9-11. Spirit inside us gives us the strength to carry on loving no matter how hard it is.
© References to Spirit in the bible: Genesis 1:2; Joel 3:1-2; Luke 4:18-19; Acts 2:17; John 1:32-33; Mark 3:29; Romans 8:26; 1 Corinthians 6:19.

© Brainstorm how the following are present in your community:

© Other symbols to show meaning of the Holy Spirit?

© Prayer to Holy Spirit
Come holy spirit
Fill the hearts and minds
Of those who look to you
Enkindle in us
The intensity of your love
Send forth your spirit
That we may be re-created
And that the world may be made new.

o Name one time when you felt the intensity of the spirit’s love.
o In what ways do you need to be re-created?
o In what ways do you think the world needs to be renewed.?

© Write a prayer to the Holy Spirit to work more fully in your life. The prayer should reflect your own thoughts and concerns. Write on beautiful paper or they decorate with symbols of Holy Spirit. Remember to display work. May even laminate.

© Spirit helped Jesus reveal the Love of God. Summarized into spiritual and corporal works of mercy. In groups of three:
Work of mercy
Biblical reference
Jesus in action

© Choosing saints: Determine the works of mercy she/he performed well Paste these words along with a picture of saint on poster. Internet to look up info on saints.
Discuss regarding saints:
o Why did persons do what they did?
o Obstacles and difficulties faced.
o Show how suffering was dealt with.
o What made them happy?
o What did you like best about the person you chose?
o Would you ever do the same?

Make a works of Mercy – Hall of fame. Think of people who should be included on list, as they have worked against social injustices. Write down who they are and what they did.

Arrange a meal of soup and bread maybe also Stations of the Cross. Money that would have been spent on full meal is donated to feed those who don’t have.
Photographs of lonely people in old age home. Teens to identify themselves in the picture. Put their feelings into words. Adopt a granny/ Send Valentine cards – cards of love filled with words from scripture. May visit elderly to read to/write for/just listen to/ just watch T.V. together.
Community Service eg. Helping struggling students with homework; street collections for S.P.C.A.

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