Thursday, April 23, 2009

Young Children's Creed and Promise

Children's Creed
I believe that God is my father in heaven
I believe that He made the world
I believe that He gives me life
I believe that He helps me grow.
I believe that Jesus is the Son of God
and the Son of Mary
Jesus shows me that God is love
Jesus lived and died for me
Jesus is alive now, alive in me and
in my neighbour.
I believe in the Holy Spirit
Who helps me love others
Who makes me holy
who helps me know God better
I believe in God's family the Church
I believe that I will live happy with God forever and ever.


My Promise Prayer

I’m promising dear Jesus,
to follow you today,
To obey your every rule
in all I do and say.
To always be a loving child,
helpful, kind and sweet,
To give the love you give to me
to everyone I meet.
And if this promise I should break,
or if I bring you sorrow,
Then help me to begin again
and keep my promise tomorrow.

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  1. Love this simple creed for Children! Thanks so much for posting this!